Wednesday, March 22, 2006

random thoughts

One of my blog readers told me i don't update my posts frequently enough.

Believe me, it is not for lack of things on my mind to write about. My thoughts are a whirl as i drive to work and back each day. As I wash dishes, shower, lie awake in the night. Then I sit at my desk, and it is just too overwhelming.

Work is stacked high all around me, and my thoughts keep pounding. Sometimes I have to write them down just to make them feel more manageable. That is what drives people to journal, I suppose. The need to make thoughts seem more orderly.

But it doesn't really help.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

more Thai thoughts and photos

too many highlights to feature them all, but here's trying ...

Doi Suthep temple plaza and buddhist pagoda

over 300 steps up to the temple plaza at Doi Suthep

Thai boxing ... Steve will have to tell you all about that!

Not a very clear picture, but the homemade apple pie and ice cream made the trip in excellent shape. Frozen solid when we arrived. It actually took a couple of days to thaw!

AC around the world

Adding to my "collection" of AC in wet cement. This is my first international graffiti - or autograph - or whatever you call it.

Corner of Chang Moi, Soi 3
(Chang Moi Street, Lane 3)
Chiang Mai, Thailand

somtam and sticky rice

Just one of the many treats we experienced in a beautiful country.
Nicole says she does not like it, but I thought it was quite tasty!
Kinda spicy like slaw but you eat it with your hands.
Shredded (chopped) green papaya, peppers, fish sauce, tomatoes, topped with chopped peanuts ...
Interesting, I must say. But, yes, good.