Monday, December 25, 2006

i almost forgot

Since i was out of town most of last week, and then recovering from a cold and too overwhelmed with last minute holiday preparations to post about the trip to Orlando, here are a few trip photos. Most of the lights are from the Osborne display. Pretty, yes, but I am glad they are now at Disney and not between my house and the nearest hospital (or the doctor that needs to get to said hospital). That is probably a "scroogie" thought, but I lived that nightmare - or at least the fear of it.

Hope you are having a Merry, Mellow Christmas . . .

End of a long day . . .

AAAANNDDDD --------------

Saturday (mid-morning) - December 16 - Main Street - Small Town, Mississippi

Sunday, December 24, 2006

this morning's newspaper headline . . .

Gunman steps into bank, kills teller, exits with cash

A gunman burst into a west Little Rock bank branch Saturday morning, shot and killed a teller and then told another teller, “Merry Christmas,” on his way out the door, police said. The Metropolitan branch is in the Colony West shopping center near Interstate 430.

“The suspect then stated to [the teller] ‘Merry Christmas’ and exited the bank,” according to a police report.

As you know, this is less than a mile from our home. I feel a personal loss when reading this story - because of the proximity and because of our own recent vandalism experience. My heart is breaking for the family of the man who was shot. My prayer is for swift and merciless retribution to the man who committed the crime.