Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the REAL other me, after a long break

I know – I know - It seems like someone who isn’t working would have plenty of time to post a blog once in a while. Ok, so stop kvetching and read, already!

First, I want to say it seems like my most frequent page visits are people searching for a Disney link to “The Other Me”. Sorry but I invented it. A long time ago. Before Disney even conceived the title. In fact, I think they stole it from me. Too bad I didn’t copyright it. Oh well – look around and thanks for the visit.

The second most frequent visitors to my blog are brought here searching for the eggless cornbread recipe. That recipe was posted way back in November 2006. Yes, it’s true. You can actually make cornbread without an egg. In fact, the egg is totally unnecessary. My grandmother had plenty of fresh eggs on the farm, but she never used an egg in her cornbread. Strange but true.

So now - picking up from late last summer, which seemed like early autumn

I usually think of November when I see a scene like this, but this was taken in late August.

Dad rode 100 miles on his bike in the Hotter’n’Hell ride in Wichita Falls, Texas. I stayed home (hence no pictures).

Followed by a trip to Carbondale, Illinois with my mother in early September. This is the old home place that belonged to my great-great grandparents. I think the old house burned about 1915-1920. The land is now a horse farm. Beautiful!

This is the church my great-grandparents attended, and is scheduled for demolition soon

I was planning to post a lot more, but I've got to divide and conquer. BBS