Friday, September 30, 2005

  • Pretty Boy
  • just testing!

    betta fry

    Just a little update on the babies. My bettas spawned 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and babies hatched on September 19th. This was my first SUCCESSFUL attempt, so I’m very excited about the results. About 20-30 – growing fast. I’d take a picture, but it would have to be with a microscope!

    I guess I should also say "farewell and RIP" to my old guy, Pretty Boy. He died over the weekend. He was almost 3 years old - I think that's old for a betta, but I'm not sure. He brought me a lot of smiles at work, and lots of comments when people would stop by.
    "I thought you couldn't have bettas with other fish!"
    "How do you keep the tank so clean?"
    "What kind of fish is that?" (especially about my farlowella)

    By the way, DAD FOUND THE CAMERA!!! I confess, it was in a pile of my stuff – tissue paper I was using to wrap a gift!

    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    now i need ...

    a fur coat! You know the old story about giving the mouse a cookie ...

    It occurred to me this morning as I drove to work – with my convertible top down – that the air is a little cooler, and winter is coming.

    Riding with the top down in winter should be as much fun as riding in a one-horse open sleigh!

    Monday, September 26, 2005

    some things are so obvious they don't need comment ...

    … and yet some people don’t get it.

    I’m getting ready to go to a staff meeting at 2:00 p.m. and trying to tamp down my anger before I go. You would think a director would have some concept of what to do at a staff meeting – or else they would not call a meeting to waste everyone’s time.

    Meanwhile - my anger continues to build. At staff meeting we go around the table and tell the status of projects we are working on. Like any of our jobs are connected. They aren’t. Twelve people work in a common office, but our work duties are fairly unrelated. By that, I mean they are not team projects. Reporting the status of my projects in a group meeting is a waste of time. Hearing about everyone else’s projects is a waste of time. This could be done in one-on-one sessions to provide information to the PERSON who is really interested.

    Not to mention, we all prepare a summary of work (past and future) on Friday of each week.

    Not a whole lot has happened since I prepared my report last Friday. [Pirate language], read the [pirate language] report!

    Ok. The valve has been released. Maybe now I can sit thru this [pirate-language] meeting without having to excuse myself to find a handgun.

    Friday, September 23, 2005

    32 years

    Yep. Thirty-two years. I know that sounds like a lifetime to you youngin's. Amazing even to me. I would claim the secret to a long, happy marriage is because I'm such a wonderful person, but I know better. I just enjoy it and don't analyze too much. Kinda like that beautiful sunrise I saw this morning. It's just one of the blessings I got, so I say a prayer of thanksgiving - and smile.

    Thursday, September 22, 2005

    who says men aren't moody?

    My boss came in this morning in one GIGANTIC mood! Flew down the hall without a word. Knocked on one closed door with no response. Then slammed his door.

    Hmmm. About 30 minutes later he is standing around in the hall outside my office.

    Me: Are you ok?
    He: Yes, just a little run-in this morning.
    Me: No wrecks, I hope. No dead bodies?
    He: Not yet.
    Then he left for a meeting with his co-director.

    Hmmm. Glad I don’t have to attend. I’ve just got my head down minding my own business.

    take a number and wait

    I hate waiting in lines. Seriously. HATE.
    As I was standing in line for lunch with a friend it just occurred to me how often I either don’t eat, or choose something from the shortest line – just to avoid the wait. So, my list of tactics to avoid lines:

    - go early
    - go late
    - get the NOT-SPECIAL of the day
    - find a substitute or make my own
    - do without

    Of course, having friends complicates it. They have time/place/personal tastes that have to be considered. So – to be sociable - I wait in lines. We go at the peak lunch time. We fight traffic to get there. We hunt for a parking place. We get the special of the day. We ask for special preparation. Then we complain when it’s not EXACTLY how we want it. Then ask for a doggie bag for the left-overs because we are running late. Then complain all the way back to work about the crowds, the traffic, the heat, the slow service, blah-blah-blah.

    Too much confusion. That’s why I keep a package of tuna and a fork in my drawer at work. Get your own tuna and fork, and see how simple life can be.