Friday, September 03, 2004

Cherish It!

One day back in the spring, my middle daughter was home from college for Spring Break. As we were out shopping one evening, we ran into one of her high school friends who has finished college. She is working two jobs and preparing for her approaching wedding.

She asked my daughter about college and inquired why she was home mid-week. "Spring Break". The friend just smiled sweetly and said, "Cherish it."

It seems that we are always waiting for something, without being able to “cherish” what we have while we have it. The child wants to be old enough to start school, and then to become a teenager. The teenager wants to be out of high school and on their own. The young adult wants to be an independently wealthy investor who has the freedom to explore the world. The young married couple anxiously awaits the arrival of children, and worries when children do not come on schedule. Middle-age people work to earn a living and worry about providing for the children’s clothes and education. Perhaps they think about retirement, and how wonderful it will be to not be responsible to a boss anymore.

If accident or disease is postponed until a person actually reaches retirement, what do we then wait for? Goals are wonderful things; goals are what keep us motivated. But when do we stop and smell the roses? When do we take time to be content with what we have and where we are, and who we are?

I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. [Cherish it.]
Philippians 4:11

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