Saturday, May 28, 2005

life owes you something?

I, too, am sick of attitude that says "life owes me something". There is a radio commercial running in our city that advertizes for an employment opening, and closes with the advice that those with that attitude need not apply.

How refreshing! It seems most people in my workplace think it is an insult to have to answer the phone or fill the copy machine with paper, even though it is their job. They want the job redesigned to fit their "abilities and needs". Things are all laugh and chat unless you jokingly ask someone to help you actually do some work. Then you are met with glares as if you had asked them to clean the toilet.

I jokingly asked a co-worker to get me a glass of ice water a few days ago. The looks from two other people were enough to completely shut down communication. I had no intention of letting the person get me a glass of water, it just happened that she was sitting smack in the middle of the doorway that led to the ice machine (chatting with the other 2 people that overheard). It was more of a light way of asking, "will you please get out of the doorway so I can pass?"

So, later in the day I went out to lunch. I often go to the local deli / bakery, and often bring back a box of cookies - usually once a week - for the office to share in the afternoon. This day, I did not. When I walked in from lunch the staring woman very sweetly asked if I brought her anything!

Then, just hours later, the same staring woman brought up the fact that her last day of work is approaching. She wanted to know if I would make her that yummy cake I made for the last person who left, and make it just for her so she could take it home. The contrast between the first incident and the second two was striking.

Uhhh. Let me think about it. It could happen - if it snows on July 4th.

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