Tuesday, November 08, 2005

confused vegetation

This Japanese maple outside my window is just one example of the strange fall we are having. Many of the trees and shrubs that normally bloom in spring have come into bloom. Look closely and you may be able to see the abundant fallen leaves on the ground (in the background) as well as colored leaves on this tree with new growth. This photo was taken this morning.

And two favorite views in Fayetteville:
Ole Main & Confederate Cemetery

Trees have been late in turning, but it looks like we will have some color in the next week or two. And here it is, almost TG day. I remember about 3 years ago we did not get the first frost until the day before TG. We may break that record this year, as it was 61 when I woke up this morning. A fine day for a noon drive in my little red car.

The F'ville photos were taken on October 22.

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