Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sesame Treats

“Two different worlds we live in …”

Does anyone else remember that song? It has been running in my head all morning. No, actually for almost a year now. Cultures are certainly different. My supervisor (of Indian nationality) left some candy and treats on a tray in the break/copy/fax/mailroom last Friday, and can’t understand why they are not all gone! I know you are probably wondering the same thing. Why hasn’t anyone eaten all the yummy little unwrapped, sesame-coated, whatcha-ma-call-its?

Even more of a puzzle is, why didn’t the mice that inhabit our “modular office” (AKA trailer) have a nibble over the weekend or overnight? The little snacks were left out all weekend - - - uncovered. Oh, wait. Are those poppy seeds? Er, no.

OK. It’s Tuesday. I’ve taken it upon myself to make one magically disappear each time I enter the copy/fax room until they are all gone. I’ll let someone else take care of the Swiss Miss. Perhaps there ARE people who actually like sugar-free instant cocoa. At least more than like naked sesame whatcha-ma-call-its of unknown origin. The face of a kid’s first taste of Brussels sprouts is very vivid in my mind right now, and I’m trying not to make it myself!!! ~~~ shiver ~~~


Virginia said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!! ;)

Andrew said...

I enjoyed reading this. I kind of felt sorry for your supervisor that no one was eating her "treats." It was kind of you and a co-worker to make them dissapear. lol