Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thailand highlights (so far)

I had to take a break from walking yesterday afternoon. While I sat at a window counter at Starbuck's I was watching these workmen tear up a sidewalk while people just kept walking by. In the U.S., this whole side of the street would have been closed to walking and driving traffic.

We are pretty sure this would not be OSHA approved =)

no hardhats
no safety glasses
no orange traffic cones
no signage saying "walk on other side of street"

gloves? who needs 'em?

steel-toed shoes? - are you kidding? at least they are not flip-flops

Steph joined us for dinner Saturday night...

J bargaining for price of the songtau (taxi) ride. You would be so impressed with her command of the language after just 6 months!

Shopping at "walking street market" Sunday evening...

Dad getting measured for a new suit.

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whitney said...

very cool. looks like you are having fun.
I made some tune helper with the smoked tune you gave me. it was wonderful.