Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Honk if you know me"

Bumper sticker seen on the way to work this morning. It should be my driving motto.

When people honk at me while driving, I just wave. Well, sometimes I smile real big and slow down too. And it always makes me think of the guy who was at a stoplight one day, and someone behind beeped him when the light turned green. He got out and opened his hood. No, everything was fine, he just wanted to annoy the driver behind. Also reminds me of the guy who actually put his car in reverse and tapped the guy behind and then drove off.

I am not very impressed with people who honk at other drivers. The car ahead of me does not always go on a green light as soon as I think they should. I DON'T HONK.

If I turn right on red and almost get hit by a car that has the right of way I DON'T HONK - like it was their fault!

If I change lanes to avoid hitting someone who pulled out in front of me I DON'T HONK. And when they change lanes again to cut me off - I DON'T HONK.

You get the prize if you suspect these scenarios are not fictional. And my response?

"Don't get mad, just wave!" I'm still driving the coolest car on the road!

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