Saturday, July 29, 2006

The George Banks Special

I saw a commercial on TV this afternoon for Oscar Mayer hotdogs. They are now packaging dogs and buns together! And they are called "Fast Franks". hehehe

[I have temporarily forgotten how to make a link]

So, now all you people can think about how it will feel when your kids say, "Gee, Mom (or Dad), you mean they used to package hotdogs and buns separately??? That's stupid!"

And you will say, "Yes, dear, I was born before people could do hardly anything, but our generation has applied itself to excellence! You should follow our example."

And speaking of George Banks . . . and franks . . . Kitty recently called and told us David got married in May - poolside at the bride's home in Cleburne, Texas. Kitty said the only thing that was missing was Fraahnk.

Julia, I'm sorry. This is all I can think of to blog at the moment. I'm trying real hard to update at least weekly.

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