Thursday, August 10, 2006

National Geographic, part 1

Ok, so this is Julia, and I'm living in Thailand. I've been here about a year, and sometimes my life here seems normal, no big deal. And then, we'll have the most random things happen or see something odd and I just think, "I'm definitley not in America." A few months ago, we kept hearing this really loud animal noise in the middle of the night...every night. We started telling some of our American friends about it, and they knew immediately what it was. A tokay gecko. They proceeded to tell us horror stories of trying to get rid of tokay geckos. They smell horrible if you make them mad, they'll bite you and not let get the point.

Then we went home a did a little research (aka Google) of our own. And after seeing how big and ugly they are, there's no way we can just be ok with it living in our backyard. We tried various methods of getting rid of it. We moved everything outside that could have been its home. We turned on outside lights in the middle of the night to try to make it leave. We even found an mp3 of a gecko call and played it really loud at night to make it think it had some competition. I'm not sure exactly which method worked, but it's gone now. No one got bitten, and our house never reeked. So that episode is resolved. But, there have been several adventures since then, and I'm convinced that as long as I'm living in Thailand, there will always be new episodes!

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Virginia said...

The part that says, "Hi, this is Julia..." is right next to the Gecko's face. I can see the resemblance. ;)

Okay seriously, I can't believe you had that gross thing in your house. Agh! But, now its gone. We have lots of little geckos in FL, but nothing as gross as that. ;) xoxox