Friday, September 30, 2005

betta fry

Just a little update on the babies. My bettas spawned 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and babies hatched on September 19th. This was my first SUCCESSFUL attempt, so I’m very excited about the results. About 20-30 – growing fast. I’d take a picture, but it would have to be with a microscope!

I guess I should also say "farewell and RIP" to my old guy, Pretty Boy. He died over the weekend. He was almost 3 years old - I think that's old for a betta, but I'm not sure. He brought me a lot of smiles at work, and lots of comments when people would stop by.
"I thought you couldn't have bettas with other fish!"
"How do you keep the tank so clean?"
"What kind of fish is that?" (especially about my farlowella)

By the way, DAD FOUND THE CAMERA!!! I confess, it was in a pile of my stuff – tissue paper I was using to wrap a gift!

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