Wednesday, October 19, 2005

changes in the air

This is not about the weather. hehe

I used to have a really nice office. Fifth floor facing south with a tremendous view of the city. With a door I could close for privacy if I had a personal phone call or wanted to listen to music, or take a 10-minute break to watch a summer thunderstorm with the lights off.

Three and a half years ago my office was relocated to a trailer. Yes, a trailer - with no windows. With the promise we would be here about a year. Two years max. Umm-hmm. But it's a double-wide (with plumbing) so why am I complaining?

Giving up the panoramic view was the biggest adjustment. The trailer has, in truth, not been bad - except for the smell. We call it "the mouse house". And the main building "the big house". Being isolated from the big house has it's advantages. We are rarely interrupted by random visitors. In fact, we are largely ignored - which is sometimes not a bad thing.

Well, we just got word we are being moved back to "the big house". Probably within 3 weeks. No more private offices - we will probably all be in cubicles.

The most stressful aspect to me? Will I have a place for my fish tank? It has been a pleasant companion to me (the fish rarely get attitude) and has been a good substitute for the windowless workspace. It suits me. I will be sad to give it up.

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