Sunday, January 14, 2007

"jammie" cookies

The "kitchen event" of the weekend was sort of a non-event. I got off work Friday afternoon and went to the grocery store for the first time since New Year's Day. The "thawed freezer" episode sort of helped me postpone the usual weekly trip.

So I got home from the grocery store, and turned on the weather channel just to quickly check - is it going to be warm or cool this weekend? GOOD GRIEF - A SNOW STORM IS BLANKETING TULSA - AND IT'S ALREADY 36 DEGREES IN FORT SMITH. I BETTER GO BACK TO THE STORE FOR MORE FOOD!!!

So, back from the second grocery store, with enough food to last AT LEAST another month - and feeling that happy feeling when the cupboard is stocked, I settle down to wait for the snow that was not to be. Like a kid anticipating a day out of school. But, no snow. Just rain, rain, rain all weekend.

My cooking exercise for this weekend consisted of swiss steak (always a favorite) and a cookie recipe that has been in my recipe box since high school that I have never made. I spent a summer with Aunt Lottie when I was about 12 and we made these cookies (more like I watched). But I saved the recipe and then last week I got inspired by a cooking blog I read, and thought of the "jammie" cookie recipe in my archives. The blog made a similar cookie, but they suggested using Nutella - sooooo - walla! I made half with red plum jam and half with Nutella. I clearly need a new name for the recipe.

Here is the link for the food blog which provided the inspiration:

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