Saturday, January 27, 2007

you probably won't like it

Here, let me have that. You prolly won't like it.

Well, I was off to a good start on a diet last week. Lost 4 pounds in 4 days. Then Mr. Dad got home from the India trip. The stop-over in Zurich was a perfect shopping opportunity, it seems.
I did not eat all the empty spots! HONEST!
It's a busy Saturday morning. I finished removing the "cottage cheese" from the breakfast room ceiling, and Mr. Dad has finished the repainting. Maybe we will tackle the wallpaper soon. NO PROMISES!
The clothes dryer is "dead". I guess I will spend the afternoon at the laundromat. Good thing I have a book in progress and some knitting to take along. Book-wise, I am trying to finish up one I save just for traveling. It has short chapters (easy to pick up and put down), and has kept me quite entertained. The Man Who Ate Everything. Now we know who ate the chocolate! :)

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Jon & Marisa Foltz said...

I just have to say . . . I LOVE your blog. Its so great and its been fun to look through your recipes and pictures, etc. Do you think you guys will come out this year again? That was so much fun last year when you came! I don't know if Julia told you . . . but we've decided to join staff with CCC!
Love, Marisa