Saturday, June 16, 2007

Amsterdam, Holland

Tuesday - June 16, 1959 – Day 3

Up at the crack of dawn, ready for a day of adventure, we set off to drive north to the Isle of Marken. I remember Marken as a very strange place. Everyone was dressed in traditional costume, and there was some custom about all children being dressed as girls (to keep the gypsies from snatching the boys?). I don’t remember, if I ever knew. It was all very vague and mysterious to the 9-year-old mind. I have not been able to locate the pictures of Marken.

After a boat ride back to the mainland, and lunch at the boat dock, we headed west to the Atlantic side of the country. We made it to Blumendahl Beach by early afternoon, and selected a choice camping spot on the sand dunes. The note on the back of this photo says, “too cold to swim.”

Fellow campers at an adjacent campsite - Helmgart Campground at Blumendahl, Holland.

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