Monday, June 18, 2007

La Chapelle to Paris

Thursday – June 18, 1959 – Day 5

Continuing southward, we stopped at Reims and toured our first cathedral. :)

We also saw the statue of Joan of Arc in Reims. I believe the car on the far left is Grandma’s car, judging from the pack on top of the car (tent and other camping essentials).

Then we headed for PARIS! TA-DA!

We arrived in Paris mid-day, and probably drove every street of the city. We finally parked and took the tour of You-Know-What.

Looking down from the Eiffel Tower . . .

A view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Another view of Paris from the Eiffel Towel . . .

We stayed two nights in Paris. I do not remember much about the sleeping arrangements, but do remember many of the sights. I would have sworn my Grandmother would never agree to stay in the city, due to the expense, but my mother affirmed that, yes, we stayed in Paris. We stayed at -- not the hotel of the same name, but the city park. WE CAMPED AT THE CITY PARK! All I can vision in my mind’s eye is bums on park benches, but Mom assures me it was all very dignified and proper. Why can’t I remember this? Why is there no picture??? Oh, how I wish . . .

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