Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Do you need that number...

I love my job but I’m having a hard time finding job satisfaction right now. I’ve been at my place of employment for 10 years and I’m very proud of what I / we do. Cancer research.

So what’s the problem? Agh – people can be so demanding! It’s great to have job security, but dang, I have more than one project to work on! I am a liaison of sorts between drug companies that want to try new cancer treatments, and the doctors who want to participate in the research, and the patients who want treatment and ultimately benefit from what we do. It is a compassion-driven endeavor – at least from where I sit. But sometimes … ah … sometimes …

Example. A person from a drug company called a few days ago, and said they needed me to complete some document or something TODAY. Well, good luck! Feeling very frustrated (and a little pestiferous) that particular day, I told the person, “I can tell you I will work on it today if that will make you happy, but that does not mean I actually can.”

“Well, when CAN you do it?” As if tomorrow morning might be acceptable.

“Um, I honestly do not know. I have several projects that have urgent priority, that I’m currently working on.”

“Well, I’m going to have to call Dr. Higher Up, and notify him that this project is behind schedule.”

Silence. I hate it when adults act like they are on the school playground or neighborhood parking lot, and play the “I’m gonna tell” game. I hate it, not because I’m intimidated, but because I think it’s – well – childish. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying “Can I give you that number, or do you have it?” I didn’t say it, and I guess some people would call my reaction “passive-aggressive”.

But you know, when everyone is screaming, it’s hard to hear what’s really important. And that’s where I am … at least this week. I love my job.

In all labor there is profit. Proverb 14:23

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