Friday, October 08, 2004

reading thru - part 3

Soon after I began my project of reading the Bible, I went to spend part of the summer with an aunt and uncle. A summer rain came along, and I (making reference to a verse that had stuck in my mind) commented, ''the rain falls on the just and the unjust.''

My uncle seemed impressed for some unknown reason, mused a moment, then said, “Shakespeare.”
I said, ''No, the Bible.'' I was pretty sure it was from Matthew, since that was early in my pursuit (though I could not cite chapter and verse), and I was certain I had not read Shakespeare.
''It's from Shakespeare,'' he said confidently, and went on to quote Hamlet or something.

Well, it might have been from Shakespeare, but I knew which came first, and I knew Shakespeare had plagiarized, err, quoted without credit. But, not wanting to be an argumentative, know-it-all-smarty-alec teenager, I decided to let it drop. Previously, I thought my uncle knew everything, but he seemed a bit less wise from that day forward. It’s ok. To be less than perfect is perfectly normal.

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