Thursday, October 07, 2004

reading thru

I just completed my goal of reading the entire Holy Bible. I remember setting this goal at a fairly young age (as a teenager), shortly after I became a Christian. And I remember thinking, starting at Genesis is just too daunting (and ordinary and *expected*). My plan would be to begin in the New Testament - with Matthew. My theory was, the NT would be a quick read, swiftly accomplished (I had probably already heard most of it, right?), and would give me a feeling of success that would motivate me to tackle the Old Testament (AKA Boring History Stuff).

I would be ashamed to tell you how long it took to complete my first read-through. Notice I said ''first''. There have been several now. But the truth is, God knows how long it took, and I don't think God is as concerned with the time as He is with the results. But it was a considerable length of time with lots of starts and stops. Finally as a young adult, I scrapped my previous efforts, and started over - again.

I know the concept of ''reading through'' may seem unimportant to many - even some Christians. After all, if you go to church every Sunday (or attend a Bible class regularly) you will eventually cover it all, right?

Wrong. Just let me sweetly say, I've read MANY things in the Bible which I've never heard covered in a sermon or Bible study. But I’ll stay on topic and save those details are for another day. Don't worry, it will come up again.


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