Saturday, October 16, 2004

meal planning for men

I was only kidding the other day when I told a friend, "It would be easy to plan meals for my husband only. We would have ham on Sunday, burgers on Monday, barbacue on Tuesday, eat supper at church on Wednesday, then start the cycle over. Ham on Thursday, barbacue on Friday (maybe fried catfish occasionally), and hamburgers on Saturday. Simple!

Unfortunately, I need a bit more variety - and - when you have children, sometimes they have different ideas about what is good. AKA, the kid in our family who does not like potatoes! Who ever heard of such a thing!

My nutrition background and training just leaves me wanting more. And there is such a world of culinary adventure to explore! I used to love to cook and experiment with lots of different things. Of late, I'm about ready to settle for the ham-burger-barbacue cycle, and just be happy that the lack of variety takes the edge off my appetite, which serves as my new weight-loss plan.

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