Friday, October 08, 2004

reading thru - part 2

I always read with a goal. Always for understanding – not just a checkmark. The first go-thru, I was confident yet challenged by the thought that I HAD been exposed to the entire Bible. After all, I had attended church since infancy. Fifty-two weeks a year (more or less), four services a week (Sunday school, Sunday morning sermon, Sunday evening sermon, Wednesday evening Bible study), fifteen years, plus an extra few services here and there - a week or two of revival , a week of church camp, a week of Bible School every year ... I'll let you figure it up. Suffice to say - plenty of opportunities to have heard the entire Bible ... IF it had been presented ... and IF I had been paying attention to every single presentation. Hmmm...

The first time through, I was eager to see just how much of it was recognizable to me. I was pretty sure it would all be as familiar as John 3:16, Psalm 23, the Lord's prayer, the Christmas story, Daniel in the lion's den, Noah, Moses … hehe

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